Sunday, 8 July 2018

Feeling fruity ;-) ;-)

Now, now, I will have less of that kind of thinking.. I am referring to the mango stone that I tried to grow.  It had pushed out a little root ages ago so I potted it into a small pot. I waited,,,,,, and I waited,,,, and I waited some more...   Today I turned the pot round and to my astonishment I could see it was trying to break out of the stone. The top seemed as though it was stuck so I very gently prized the top apart... look...…. it has been hiding all this time....

And blimey are those avocados taking off since I pruned them


  1. Well done. Your success reminds me of my mother's green thumb -- she could plant and grow anything.

  2. I wish I had green fingers. Anything I try to grow just keels over. Luckily Roz hasn't inherited it .

  3. Hi Cherie, Marlene from Simple Living here, just to let you know I am blogging at a new place, if you click on this link you will find me. Thanks for your previous coment.
    Marlene x

  4. Looking good, think it will be a long, long wait for fruit tho:-) My dad tries growing various fruit trees from pips, still awaiting the first fruit 20 years on! haha I don't think i have the patience. Emmax

    1. Fruit would be a bonus but in truth this is just a fun way of growing unusual houseplants. I want a load of greenery in my conservatory

  5. You will have an orchard before long :-)