Monday, 9 July 2018

A matching pair at long last

Yesterday I finally got around to finish the second sock for Tony. It was a bit of a chore in the end and I didn't really enjoy knitting this pair as the yarn was really skinny and slippery.  There's enough  left to make a pair of trainer socks but I won't be rushing to do that anytime soon. Two other odd socks are waiting patiently for me to make a matching friend..... when I am in the mood.
Thankfully the weather looks as though it might be a bit cooler today. Tony and I hardly slept last night we were so warm.  The fan is lovely and cooling but the whirr of the blimmin thing keeps me awake. Tony has had a cup of tea in bed pretty much every day this past week as I have been up before he needed to be up.  I wait until 06.00 before waking him on a work day.  At the weekend I just leave him to sleep as long as he needs to. I have always needed very little sleep and learned a long time ago that Tony could sleep the clock round.
I have a major sort out of Le Crafterie planned a bit later this morning. I will pop back and share a before and after photo when it is all neat and tidy.  It has become a dumping ground again as I have been knitting in the conservatory just lately.


  1. They are gorgeous, nice a cosy. Emmax

  2. I love those socks, Cherie! The colors are just gorgeous! Well done.