Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 20 May 2019


Last night Alexander and I sat in the conservatory listening to reggae music and smoking cannabis. WHAT? I hear you ask in a very shocked voice...... I do you know.  I am so sick to death of being in dreadful pain that Alexander suggested I give it a try... so I did.  In truth I don't think it is something I will make a habit of. I have never smoked before and even though this wasn't actually an actual joint but a little machine that he put the naughty stuff in it still made my throat feel sore. It certainly made me feel relaxed but I don't think it did anything  for the pain. I was really wary of mixing drugs so didn't take the nerve blocker last night. I was wide awake with a really clear head for the first time in weeks through the night. I think I might give up on the nerve blockers as they really don't feel as though they make a difference but leave me feeling very groggy and unwell. I will have a think about that and would appreciate your thoughts if you have ever had to take nerve blockers.


Sunday, 19 May 2019

Upcycled Envelopes

I had a lovely pink envelope in my stash. These little flowers will look pretty glued onto gift boxes or hand delivered envelopes. I do like to make pretty envelopes.

Paper crafting

I have needed some  simple mindless papercrafts just lately as I can't concentrate on very much. Yesterday I took my 'circles' die and cut dozens of paper circles.  I am planning on adding bead embellishments top and bottom. I think they might make nice Christmas tree decorations.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Wide awake

Might as well browse tinternet as sit in bed in pain. The TENS machine is pulsing away on my thigh and it is giving me a little relief. Alexander will be crawling home from the university's Final Fling any time soon.  He had me sew the arms of the Final Fling t shirt so that they defined his muscles... :-)  he really is quite the party animal since breaking up with his girlfriend. I think he is making up for lost time. Next week radio one's big weekend is being held just along the road from where we live. He has tickets for all three days and it should be a fabulous event for Middlesbrough.  the event was sold out in less than an hour... 31,000 tickets each for Saturday and Sunday. Then they offered tickets for the Friday so we booked some of those too.  I am glad that we don't need to go anywhere next weekend as the traffic will be horrendous.

I finally located my camera and have charged the battery. Tomorrow I will take some pics of the garden. I have a huge clump of blue irises in the front garden and in the pond I can see that the flag iris has buds.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

It's the middle of the nght

I have given up trying to sleep in bed and am now on the sofa.  I am so sick to death of it all and desperate for some sleep.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Blue sky and sunshine day

It has been absolutely gorgeous today.  I put on my leg brace and walked a little bit further this morning. Oh boy was I tired when I got back home so I sat outside in the sunshine and soaked up some healing rays.  When Tony came in from work I asked him to dead head the spring bulbs and cut down two of the lupins.  The lupins have been blighted with white flies and looked a real sorry mess.  I hate  to have anything that looks half dead in the garden.  The lupins might recover and flower later in the year but I still have a few to give some height in the garden. I have mislaid my camera otherwise I would share a few photos of the garden... Maybe tomorrow

Monday, 13 May 2019

Things are looking up

I got up this morning absolutely determined to take a little walk. I strapped on my leg brace and had a wander to the end of the road and back...It's hardly more than about three hundred yards but I'm blimmin exhausted.. Vix, if you read this. How long did it take you to regain at least a reasonable amount of strength?
I have a couple of little crafting projects that I want to try over the next day or two.. I am hoping that things are starting to mend at last.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Tony's new duvet cover :-) :-)

Well in truth it isn't really Tony's. I bought it to go on the spare bed.. which he just happens to be sleeping in while I recover from my hip operation. It's really pretty though.. girly pink with white     butterflies and peace symbols. The reverse is white with pink butterflies and peace symbols. I ordered it from ebay the other day and it arrived today.  I suppose I could have bought the blue one but seeing as it is for the spare bed in my craft room I got to choose.. 

Friday, 10 May 2019

Getting desperate

I took my life in my hands and sat on the spare bed amongst  utter chaos and made a card the other day... That's how desperate I was to get into the craft room. Two crutches and a dead leg are a flaming nuisance  :-)  I really wish I could tell you all that things are looking up… sadly they are not. An old friend called in and spent the day with me today. We had a really good catch up and promised not to leave it so long again. It's about  fifteen months since we last saw each other but the months disappeared and it seemed like only yesterday that we had chatted. I hope you all have a smashing weekend and I hope I can say that things are getting better pretty soon.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Flower balls

They are so pretty and making them has given me a bit of distraction in the wee small hours