Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 22 February 2018

My pretty garden bulbs

Look at what have opened today!

Usually the iris open before the crocus but for some reason the crocus were first. Actually, when I think about it, the snowdrops were first. Followed by a few primula. The iris were definitely not open yesterday as I was chatting with a neighbour about the crocus in my garden when I came home from work at lunch time yesterday.  Tony will be delighted when he comes home as we were beginning to think that naughty Mr Squirrel had pinched them all.  I keep finding walnuts where that pesky squirrel has been burying them in my plantpots.  The softpots have been outside all winter. We have had some awful weather but they have given a little hint of colour in the garden.  I plan to make some bigger ones as soon as the weather warms up.


Sometimes I come across a blog that really touches something in my soul.  Yesterday I came across a lovely blog and I popped over for a quick browse. The lady's blog photo immediately had me hooked.. Hollyhocks.... I absolutely love hollyhocks. I think I first sat up and took notice of them when Tony and I were down in Brightlingsea staying at my friend Anona's house. Hollyhocks were everywhere.  Huge spires of glorious colour. 
If you would like to see the blog I found then here is the lady's blog address...


I have just found this image on t'internet in case you don't know what a hollyhock looks like. These lovely flowers reach well over six feet and flower for ages. I will always associate them with  Anona and Brightlingsea

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

His n' Hers

I smiled last night when I dished up tea.. there was definitely a his n' hers theme... I will leave you to guess who had what for tea last night

There is a token pile of avocado on there...
Simply dressed with a small teaspoon of mint sauce... Utterly delicious it was too

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

One for the quilters

I have just listened to this on You Tube... I am moved


Monday, 19 February 2018


As promised.
 I can't decide wehther to paint the drawer knobs or buy some pretty china ones..

My sock is not part of the project  :-)

The freshly painted bedside cabinet complete with quilted pad

A busy weekend

What have I been up to?  Well, on Friday night we went to a ceilidh and danced our little legs off.  I ached considerably on Saturday morning. For the past week, Tony and I have been painting our shabby wooden bedside cabinets.  They look really fresh and pretty now.  Over the weekend I made a pair of quilted pads to put on the top of them.  I can then simply chuck them in the wash when they get a bit grubby.  I might make some matching coasters... and then again I might not..
On Saturday I went to a Diamond Wedding, 'afternoon tea' celebration. The food was absolutely fabulous. Probably the nicest buffet food I have ever tasted. It was really difficult to restrain myself but I managed.  It helped that the plates were little china tea plates and not the standard size paper plate. It was impossible to put too much on the plate and thankfully everything was cut into smaller than usual portions... Plenty big enough and very tasty. I went back a second time and had it not looked greedy I could very easily have gone back a third time...Many people filled their plates three and four times but I was very good and didn't.  Yesterday morning Tony and I gathered a trailer full of logs.  A lot of tress had been cut down and we were allowed to help ourselves. I will need to empty the trailer tomorrow as we are planning on going for another load on Saturday. It will make a good start on filling the log store for next winter.  We have plenty in the store to see us through to the end of this winter.
This morning, I am off out for my usual walk until lunch time.  My hairdresser is coming at one o clock and I am going to my craft group this afternoon.  I am going out for tea with friends this evening. At some point  today I will share some photo's of the bedside cabinet with quilted top. .

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Flavoured tea

Has anyone noticed the extortionate cost of flavoured tea?  I have always found them to be very disappointing in flavour too.  They smell wonderfully fragrant and fail to deliver on taste.  I am currently trying to reduce the amount of tea with milk that I am drinking. My pretty little teapot and cup are the perfect size for a refreshing cup of mint tea.. I usually simply tear up a few mint leaves and toss them into the pot.  This time I  have added a large piece  of lemon zest to the pot... it is absolutely delicious and is helping me get over my need to drink vast quantities of tea.  Sometimes I use a tea strainer and sometimes I allow a few pieces of mint to flow into the cup. I love to chew the mint when I have finished drinking my 'tea'

Friday, 16 February 2018

Look what I was given today

This huge bag of embroidery threads and a pile of tablecloths and napkins. They are all brand new and never been used. I am thrilled to bits with them and plan to a lot of spend time embroidering all the cloths.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

How tastes change

Many years ago I tried an avocado. I thought it was utterly vile....  although my food picky son loved it.  I have read  over and over again about how good they are for us and how we should try to accustom ourselves to eating them.  I decided to do just that and bought one the other day. I have just cut it and put it on the salad.. Tony and I tried it with a little trepidation and were astonished. It was really very nice.   Likewise mushrooms.  I have never ever liked them. Can't stand the taste or the texture and have always referred to them as slugs when I cooked them for Tony.  Last year he cut a few into very fine pieces and I fried them with some bacon.  After trying one cooked in the bacon fat and actually enjoying it I am now happy to eat Chestnut mushrooms.  I still don't like the taste of white mushrooms... at this moment in time. Who knows what I will find that I enjoy eating in a year or two.  Avocados are now on our shopping list.  I plan to research them a little and see if there are recipes that I can try.  The stone I am hoping to grow as a houseplant.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Tissue paper carnations

Today is Valentine's day and I received a beautiful bouquet of fragrant cream roses... They came wrapped in cellophane and cream tissue...   Being queen of upcycling I couldn't throw the tissue away.. It makes great carnations. Just colour the very edges of the tissue.  They look very realistic in the flesh.