Tuesday, 21 January 2020

A blue sky day

I had a lovely sleep in after Tony went off to work this morning.  I eventually got up at 08.45 after snoozing and waking for the previous hour. It was lovely not having to get up and go out for the train. Particularly when I looked out of the window and saw the thick frost on everything.  At least the sky was blue for a change.
I sewed Lunas legs on... back to front, needless to say I have had to unpick them and sew them back on properly. She would have been finished but Alexander called in for a cuppa.  He has gone home with my Bigshot and a whole load of dies so that he and Beckah can try their hand at making wedding invitations.  I suggested that they play around with various combinations before we buy the nice quality card for the invites. I suggested they have a look on AliExpress and choose some dies which I will pay for. There seems very little point them buying dies that they won't use again. At least I will have fun using them.

Monday, 20 January 2020

Luna Lapin's lovely long legs

Trying saying that with a mouthful of marbles.  I am home from work and have just had a light lunch before I make a start on a bit of housework.  Luna Lapin is coming along slowly but I have all the bits ready to stuff and then complete.  Not that it will get finished today but I am on the way to completing her. I plan to make her a pretty dress using the same fabric as the soles of her feet and the inside of her ears. But first some housework is calling.

Sunday, 19 January 2020

The mood arrived at last

Last year I bought three pairs of trousers and when they arrived I discovered that they all needed taking up. They have languished in the dressing room since I bought them and then yesterday while shopping in Asda we spotted some jeans in Tony's size. Two pairs for twelve pounds was a bargain so of course he bought two pairs. They also needed taking up, so during the afternoon I sat in the conservatory with a quilt over my knees and took up all five pairs of trousers.  I hadn't felt like trouser shortening in absolutely ages but it is now all done and dusted and we both have trousers we can actually wear.
Our friends were due over for supper this last night but are down with the lurgy so it had to be cancelled. Tony and I scrolled through Netflix and found 'Designated survivor'... We binge watched five episodes and are now hooked. We've watched some really good series on Netflix and are pleased as punch that Alexander and his friends took out subscriptions to a variety of things.. They all share them and each only pay for one thing. It meant that during the dark months of my hip recovery debacle I was able to spend many long and painful hours during the night watching TV.

Friday, 17 January 2020

We didnt go

I came out of work absolutely exhausted so we haven't gone to the ceilidh. Tea tonight was utter junk food as I just couldn't face cooking and a glass or two of port and lemon will be on the menu this evening. Not exactly the way to lose weight but hey ho sometimes fatigue takes over and good intentions fly out of the window. I'm looking forward to a bit of a sleep in tomorrow but bet I am up with the flippin larks. I'm working on Monday but then the exams will be all done and dusted until May so other than the occasional exam I am free to run amok in my craft room. Lot's of ideas simmering in my head.

Off to the ceilidh tonight

Typically I had to drag my sleepy self out of bed this morning. I have a full day at work and then tonight we are off to a ceilidh. I am really looking forward to it but will be sensible about what I can and can't do.  I will need to strap on the leg brace to support my leg but should manage a fair few dances. Must dash now as I need to book my train ticket. Assuming that the train is running on time.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Silly house offer

We have just had a cheeky  offer of £68000 for Alexander's house.  It's on the market for £80000 and naturally we  turned it down but we were surprised to have an offer so soon in the year.  There are two more viewings next week..  It's crazy how much further your money will go 'up north'.  You couldn't buy a garage in London for this price

A link to the house cos I know we all like looking at houses.


Nails help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning my lovely bloggy friends. I am not at work today but as is typical I was wide awake just before the alarm. Yesterday I had to drag my sleepy self out of bed to go to work. I am heading out for a walk in a few minutes but please can I ask for some advice?  Please can I ask those of you  with lovely fingernails how on earth you keep them looking nice. I can grow mine quite quickly but they are so brittle and shatter easily.  I have a really good diet but if you can think of something to eat that will strengthen my nails I would really appreciate you letting me know.  I would love to have long strong healthy nails for The Wedding of the year.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

A blowy one

Blimey was it a windy day yesterday.  Thankfully I was warm and dry in the exam room all day where we listened to the wind and rain howling.
Tony and I could have cheerfully turned over and gone back to sleep when the alarm woke us this morning. I am hoping that my train will be on time as it's flippin freezing at the station which is only a little local halt. I'll have a read of all your blogs when I get back tonight. Stay safe and warm, today everyone.

Monday, 13 January 2020

Going back to work for a rest

I have a day off today and have never stopped for a minute until now.  I am flippin bushed and can't wait to go to work tomorrow for a rest :-) Tonight the kids are coming for tea  and to pick up the cards and presents that have been left with me for them, It's such an exciting time.  Beckah has been sending me links to dresses all morning.  My goodness there are some lovely ones available

Yesterday we went to our favourite place for breakfast and then over to check on Alexander's house. He has a viewing tomorrow but I am not holding out much hope until a family goes to view it.  A lot of viewers are buy to let people or those wanting to buy a cheap house to sell on. We aren't in any great hurry to sell and I am sure that the estate agents will have made that clear to any potential buyers.  We won't accept a silly offer.

Saturday, 11 January 2020

Utterly stunning dresses

We spent two hours in the bridal dresses shop and it whizzed by in a flash. Beckah tried a few different styles and suddenly THE DRESS was tried on. She looked absolutely stunning and didn't want to try any more after that. It's bought and paid for, now all we need is a date. They are visiting wedding fairs this weekend and I have a sneaking hope that if Alexander's house sells quite quickly, they might tie the knot this year. Beckah has been sending me pinterest and etsy links to 'back jewellery' all evening. I have offered to make it for her and was chuffed to bits when she said that I can.  I've also offered to host a jewellery making evening here in Kemp Castle with her mum as I think it would be lovely for her mum to be involved. All evening I have been browsing websites drooling over Swarovski crystal beads and pearls. It took me back to my jewellery making days and I am looking really forward to making a start when Beckah settles on a design.