Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 23 September 2019

My new (to me) phone

Alexander has bought himself a new all singing and dancing phone. This means that I now have his old all singing and dancing one.  It's going to take me a little while to get used to it and I feel that I might use it for more than just the occasional text message or phone call.  I have no idea how we all managed before the era the mobile phone.  The kids are baffled that mine can sit in my bedroom while I am in the garden... Oh shock horror. What if someone should ring me??????  I think I can live without glancing at it every ten seconds. Does anyone remember the good old  'party line'   we shared one with the neighbours up the road.. Back in the day long before it was assumed that people had a phone at home people used to ring the local phone box. If you were walking past you would answer it and then go and get whoever the call was for.
I can't find the wadding that I need for my new purse so I've ordered some.. and some extra to make a nice quilted table runner .  That's a project that I have wanted to make for a good long while,. I've a bit of a yen to sew on these darker evenings.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

My next crafting project

I have printed out the pattern and on Monday I intend to make one of these...


If I am successful then I shall make a few more with matching handbags... I love handbags and it will be a nice way to spend cold dark evenings during the coming winter

Thursday, 19 September 2019

A very tasty recipe

My friend Anona and I were chatting on the phone the other day when she told me about this recipe.  It sounds really tasty and I plan to give it a try. I asked her to send me the recipe and  here it is unedited... 
Thanks Anona.  I will give it a try when I buy some corned beef.  

As promised, corned beef cheese balls.

 12oz tin corned beef, pkt sage and onion stuffing, 1egg, Tbs ketchup or brown sauce( optional). 4 or 6 1” cubes of mousetrap. Depends how big you want your balls. Mash down the corned beef and mix in dry stuffing, egg and sauce. Leave for a while to stiffen up and then coat each cheese cube with the mixture like scotch eggs. Either fry or bake about gas 6 for 20mins. Strikes me you could make the corned beef mixture into a loaf or Pattie or use it as a pie filling. Enjoy. Kim loves this recipe.xxx

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

A beautiful service

We paid our last respects to Maureen today.  I don't think I have ever been to a nicer (probably not the right word) funeral.  There was  a touching respectfulness and dignity from start to finish.  The celebrant conducted the funeral with such warmth and respect but it was hard to watch our friend's  family in such pain.. Grief is a heart breaking emotion both to watch and to suffer. Tony and I left after the funeral and went to our favourite place for a bacon sandwich and a couple of pots of tea. We weren't ready to go home straight away and were glad of somewhere to escape to and sit a while.
When we got home we set to on the garden and thankfully it is slowly re appearing from under the piles of twigs and branches. I am tempted to cut the buddleia down but it still has a few purple shoots which are feeding the bees.  I might give it a few more days.  We love how much light is now filling the house without the humungous hedge to block it all. The new hedge once established won't be allowed to grow too tall.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019


It's turning cold at night now and the nights are really starting to draw in. I think sock knitting season is fast approaching and I have been eyeballing my yarn stash with a view to starting another pair. I don't know what is wrong with me lately but I have the urge to clean.  It could be that the garden looks like a bombsite and the conservatory isn't a great deal better.  Hopefully we can get it all tidied up at the weekend. Tomorrow Tony and I are going to a funeral and then heading straight up to our favourite place for a bacon butty and a pot of tea or two. When we get back we are planning on spending a few hours in the garden having a good sort out and shift about. I have a lovely potting area under the pergola and a few of my houseplants could do with re potting. The turmeric is massive now but I think it will probably start dying back before long. I have two avocado trees that survived the serious neglect my painful hip caused.  I just couldn't face doing anything with them this past year but they will get re potted and tucked away in a warm spot inside the house.  All the pomegranate  and citrus seedlings died as I had put them in my mini greenhouse and they rotted away. I will try again next year and see what I can grow.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Random acts of crochet kindness

This is an absolutely lovely idea... I personally don't do Facebook but was still able to read the posts on this link.  If anyone is looking for a little crochet project then this might be something you would like to take part in.

Thanks Amanda from http://craftyinthemed.blogspot.com/

This the link to the Facebook page


Christmas decs

I spent ages yesterday messing about with my bead stash before I eventually settled for a really simple design.  I have a busy morning ahead but when I stop to draw breath my beads are waiting in the conservatory. I have plans to make a load of different designs to use up the glass drops that I salvaged from the chandelier.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

A lovely lazy day

Tony and I started our lovely lazy day with breakfast at our favourite place. We spent a couple of hours there and before we left I booked a cream tea for us both next Saturday afternoon. The rain today has meant that working in the garden wasn't on the cards so we have simply done nothing all afternoon.  Well when I say nothing,  I spent a good part of this afternoon playing with my bead stash while Tony had a snooze.  Alexander and Beckah popped in for a quick cuppa and when they left  Tony cooked tea. I can't remember the last time I had such a lazy day.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

My morning cuppa

The menfolk are fast asleep and I am having a nice cup of tea while I listen to some easy listening music. I've just finished my daily Spanish practice and have completed 186 days without a break so I am doing well.  I studied Spanish nearly thirty years ago and it's amazing how many words I have remembered. Hopefully I will improve my listening and speaking skills with a lot of practice.

I really must get around to making a poppy tea cosy

I love this time of year when the sun is low in the sky. It's shining through the crystals that are hanging in my windows and casting rainbows all over the walls and carpet. They are so pretty but fleeting as the sun moves away from the window.  Speaking of crystals.  A few years ago my neighbour gave me a pretty chandelier that she was throwing out.  I have had it hanging from Le Crafterie in the garden since then.  The metal parts were looking a little worse for wear and I fancied a change. On Thursday I took it down and have removed all the crystals from it.  Sadly they have been a little bit marked with rust and nothing seems to remove it. That's not a problem though as I am planning on turning some of them into Christmas decorations to hang in front of the fairy lights on my tree.  It should look pretty with the coloured lights shining through.

Thursday, 12 September 2019


I find that if I put the fruit out on the worktop we are far more likely to pick up a piece and eat it. I was delighted to see figs in Aldi last night as I've been waiting ages for them to appear in store. Tony prefers apples and oranges but will pick at the odd grape if I leave them on display. The basil might get replanted down the garden in a sheltered spot as it is looking a bit worse for wear.  I have a lovely one that we planted out in the garden and it has lovely big leaves on it.  Might as well see if this one will perk up and give us fresh basil for a few more weeks

Today I went out for brunch today with some friends and when I came home the sudden urge to clean the bathrooms came over me.  What's a girl to do with she has the urge...  I was horrified to see the state of Alexander's bathroom. It has had a thorough going over and is now absolutely sparkling.  We can't decide whether he is living here or living with Beckah.  He is going to get a bit of a shock as I stopped doing his laundry at the weekend.  He will soon find out that this is not a public laundry service where you just appear occasionally for a bite to eat, quick shower or some clean clothes. As soon as he runs out of clean clothes he will notice a very large tub full of his laundry waiting for him to wash.