Thursday, 15 November 2018

Yarn feather

I have been looking at videos on You tube and this is my first attempt... I will make a few more as they need a bit of practice.

Take a bit of cardboard

On Tuesday at wood carving club  friend of mine needed a piece of strong fishing line and I knew I had a reel of it in my workshop. Yesterday I went out to cut a piece for here and found some reflective tape that Tony gave me a few years ago. I suddenly had a yen to do a little bit of beading so I took the gorgeous red reflective tape back into the craft room. And before you ask, yes, I have a large craft room and a workshop and still could easily use more space. This is such a simple project and it looks really pretty. I might turn it into a zipper pull and attach it to my coat. Using nothing more than a square of cardboard, a piece of scrap denim, a piece of stick on reflective tape and a few beads.  Stick the tape onto the cardboard and then glue it to a piece of denim cut from the bottom of a pair of jeans. I die cut it into a heart shape using my Bigshot and the 'heartfelt' die. This afternoon I am planning on glueing it to a piece of felt and beading around the outside edge just to finish it off.

Stick the reflective tape onto the cardboard

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Well, what do you think

Pretty or what?

Take a packet of chocolate bars from Aldi.  I think they cost £1.29 for five bars... or thereabouts.  Gather up all those pretty little scraps of glitter card and ribbon that are too small to do anything with but too pretty to throw away. Maybe a heart cut from bit of holographic card would be nice.  Add some diamante ribbon and  a few bits of stick on bling. I bought mine from Home Bargains.  It cost £1 a roll and came in a variety of different designs. I have seen the diamante ribbon bling in The Works but the rolls of it  don't look as big. Et Voila…. Wouldn't they make nice table gifts. They would also be really pretty to give to teachers at the end of term. It doesn't need to be a Christmas gift.  Or howsabout making them with white glitter card and using them as wedding favours. You could make them in the wedding colours 

There are other flavours too

I made a couple of non glittery ones too as not everyone likes bling

Monday, 12 November 2018

They are drying

AND THEY LOOK AMAZING..    Now of course, you have no idea what I am talking about and I doubt that my photography will do them justice but just wait.  Tomorrow I will take a couple of photo's.  With snips and scraps of glitter card and pound shop bling I have made something so utterly gorgeous that you will all be rushing off to Aldi's as soon as you see them. The recipients will be delighted and it will have cost you next to nothing.....And that is the only hint I will give you  :-)

Early start

Good morning everyone.  I am off to catch the train to work in ten minutes but seeing as how I am already up and sorted I have five minutes for a quick hello. I have a gorgeous little crafty make to  show you when I get home. I'll do a little photo tut just in case you want to try it yourself... It's another one that is great to do with the kids but would be equally nice if any of you attend/run craft groups. The end results are lovely. Have a lovely day and stay safe... My heart goes out to the folk caught up in California's wildfires. .  I can't (and don't want to) imagine what it is like to lose your home and all your possessions. It's heartbreaking.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Pages of the sea

Today we had the privilege of being a part of an incredibly moving tribute to the fallen. I had heard on Friday that something was taking place at Redcar beach today but had no idea what it was going to be. The weather was so nice that we thought we would have a drive over and see what it was.  Please take a look at the link I have shared. It was amazing but terribly moving.  These events have taken place on beaches all over the UK.

Very pretty and unusual blackbird

Tony and I have just had a lovely walk in my beloved Fairydell. We had gone with the intention of gathering leaves to make leaf mould for next year and gathered six large sacks full. After putting them in the car boot we went for a walk around the park and through the woods. I adore this beautiful place and love the way it looks throughout the different seasons. As we headed for the park gate to return home I spotted the prettiest blackbird I have ever seen.  Now when I say blackbird it is actually a very white and black blackbird.  I wish my photo's were clearer but I didn't want to frighten it away.


Does anyone know where I can buy a piece of cotton fabric or a panel that depicts a thatched cottage in a garden? I want the cottage to be at least six inches tall… preferably bigger.  I have a yen to make a wall hanging and hope to quilt and embroider  on the fabric.

We are starting to get the house ready for Christmas decs.  Don't worry, they aren't going up until December but we need to move the furniture around in the sitting room to make place for the 'big tree'.  The quilted throws that I made for the two sofa's will be put away and Christmas themed ones will replace them. I still haven't gotten around to making my two  Christmas quilts... there is still time but I really need to get on with it if I want to use them this year.

They will be going away for the Christmas period quit soon

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Halloumi recipe help please

The other day I was reading a blog and loved the halloumi recipe that the lady had posted.  I thought I had bookmarked it but can't find it. I have trawled through loads of blogs trying to find the recipe... Was it your blog??????  I bought haloumi today and had hoped to make them for tea.  If it wasn't you please can someone tell me which blog it was?

A simple little craft for the kids

Yesterday, while having a bit of a de stash I came across a box of bits and pieces that I had used in a school at some point. There were little semi circles of fabric paper, a paper covered ball  (beer can widget covered in paper pulp) and several other bits and bobs.  I have a large tin filled with the paper covered widgets and you may recall that I threw out a whole load of paper covered blown eggs last year or the year before. If you have only just joined me and would like a photo tutorial on the paper covered eggs and widgets let me know.  I will do one and share it here.... Anyway, as usual I am digressing.  I turned the paper semi circles into little cones and decorated them with stick on bling from the pound shop. Then I stuck one of them onto the paper covered ball and added a simple little face. In another box I found a load of hardwood balls that originally came with a phial of fragrant oil. The oil was to pour onto the balls and allow to soak in. I used to put them in my porch to add a lovely scent when the sun shone.  I don't know when they got relegated to the craft stash but I couldn't just chuck them out.  They are a little smaller than  a ping pong ball (which would work just as well ). Anyway, I decided to use them to make little elf heads and as they still smell very fragrant they will be lovely additions to the bowl of little pine cone potpourri that I bring out every Christmas.

Before I share a few photos I want to give a little shout out for Stephenie…She has a lovely etsy shop and it you are in the market for some luxury hand made Christmas gifts than it's well worth a browse.

 If the cost of posting things from the USA to England wasn't an issue I would be buying some of her gorgeous soaps to try. In the past I often took part in swaps  to and from America and Australia. Sadly  the cost of postage has made it too expensive... Such a pity as I loved making and swapping with people across the world.
Anyone else want a shout out?... Just let me know and I will be glad to oblige. Let's all support one another.

This little  fine nozzle glue bottle is a really useful addition to my stash.

The wooden ones smell gorgeous