Sunday, 17 February 2019

Might as well have a cuppa

It's 3.35am and I can't get back to sleep.  My hip is giving me h*ll and  I have tossed and turned in bed for nearly an hour trying to nod off.  I can't get comfortable no matter which way I turn. I might as well come downstairs and make a cuppa. We had friends over this evening and I was more than a little hurt when Tony's friend told me to 'stop putting it on'...…..   Tonight I silently wished that he could have the pain I am going through. It will be a while before they are invited over again. 

Saturday, 16 February 2019

It feels like Spring has arrived

The weather these past few days has been unseasonably mild.  It could almost trick one into thinking that Spring has arrived. Crocus and snowdrops are popping up everywhere and we have a couple of miniature iris flowering in a pot.
This morning I am popping around to my friends house to accompany a viewing.. it's up for sale and Jayne is on holiday in Mexico. I would be delighted if I could sell it for her but I shall miss the fact that she lives so close as the house they are buying is more than a short walk away.
      Tonight we have friends coming over for supper so  I cooked a gorgeous casserole yesterday and by tonight it will have developed a lovely richness.  The wine that we had bought needs replacing.  I am not a red wine drinker but rather liked the sound of 'Jammy Roo'.  We opened it last night and together we drank the entire bottle.... it didn't help me sleep any better but it was delicious.  The men usually drink beer and Elaine and I have a couple of glasses of wine... I have had sparkly water the past few times but might join Elaine in a glass of Jammy Roo tonight.

Friday, 15 February 2019

Insurance companies

Tony rang the medical insurance company  last night... Something that the surgeon had said when he asked which medical group we were with rang a warning bell. While himself was talking he asked about post op injections that might be needed to stop blood clots... They aren't covered????? I don't know yet whether I will need them but if I do I shall ring my GP and ask about getting a prescription for them. Likewise all the 'care package' things that might be needed... loo seat/grabber and such like.  I can buy them all very cheaply from Amazon... This  medical insurance lark is an eye opener. Tony intends to bring it up at the next team meeting.  Perhaps the firm might look into using a group that offers a better coverage package. When I first spoke with the insurance company I did ask if there was any excess charge that we would need to pay for.  I was told that there wasn't, there was no mention of paying for post op injections and it wasn't something I knew anything about. It wouldn't have occurred to us to ask about what is covered exactly if the surgeon hadn't said anything.

Here is a bit more of that ball of yarn from Aldi.  Using the cream Aran from my stash has really helped stretch it out. These little slippers are very snuggly and cushiony underfoot. I have some silicon bathroom sealant in the garage so I plan to run a few fine lines of it along the bottom of the foot to add a bit of grip.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

I have a date

But not a romantic Valentines date.  This morning I saw the surgeon and he thinks a total hip replacement is needed. He will operate on 4th April and then I am on the road to recovery.  If anyone has had a THR please give me loads of advice... What did you find helpful?

Happy Valentine's day

Tony has thoroughly spoiled me.....  He always buys beautiful cream roses for me. They are a reminder of the cream roses he bought me when we got married.   I am off to see the surgeon this morning so hopefully I will know whether he can suggest another treatment for my hip or whether he thinks an operation is the sensible option.  I am getting very nervous.

I made him a card and knitted him a pair of socks to wear to the footie.  

The hand made card

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

The perfect gift

When Alexander was visiting the other day we got to talking about the kind of presents that we would like to receive. I have always tried to keep the cost low when anyone asks what I would like. We none of us know whether someone is struggling financially or not and I have hit upon the perfect gift for me.  One ball of beautiful sock yarn.  It won't cost a bomb, it won't clutter up my house and I get to make a lovely pair of socks... The gift that keeps on giving. Alexander understands that when I say I would like one ball I really do mean it.  I don't want half a dozen I simply want one. When I was making quilts I used to ask for 20cm of cotton fabric from a local store.  He would go off and choose four or five  different pieces of  cotton fabric.  He was not allowed to spend more than £10 and he had great fun choosing them as the store assistants couldn't have been more helpful... He chuckled one day as he had taken his friend with him. He said that the sight of two 18 year old young men running their hands over the bolts of fabric to check the weight and actual material must have raised an eyebrow or two.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Maltesers or celery

In my kitchen cupboard there is a box of maltesers…  They are shouting me....   I am ignoring them.  I know if I have one that I will eat the entire box... over 500 calories worth.. My halo is positively gleaming as I munch my way through a stick of celery.

I got a second pair of boot socks out of the ball of yarn from Aldi.  The cream is from my  stash and I used it to ensure that I would have enough for this pair. I might knit another pair with all my odds and ends of thicker yarn. They only have 36 stitches on and take no time to knit.   I started the first pair yesterday morning and the second pair  last night so I didn't get bored wit knitting them.

Started these yesterday morning

I started this one last night. I might get it finished tonight.

Lovely veggie soup

The bean and chicken casserole went down a storm last night. I have put some aside for tomorrow as Tony is off to the footie straight from work. I served it with mixed veggies and gorgeous curly kale fresh from the garden. For my lunch today I made a pan of soup. It is a really simple but tasty one.  I fried a finely chopped onion in some rapeseed oil.  I chucked in some turmeric and  chilli powder then  I ground a few black peppercorns and a clove and added this too.  The smell was lovely as the spices toasted on the bottom of the pan.  I added a chopped courgette and a jug full of mixed frozen cauli. broccoli. carrots and peas and about a pint of water.  I cooked it for a few minutes and threw in half a veggie stock cube.  Once the veggies were tender I whizzed it with my stick blender and then added a tin of chick peas. I needed to add a touch of salt then turned it off  and let it sit for an hour. I have had a bowl of it for lunch and it was absolutely yummy. There is enough left for my tea tonight and lunch tomorrow.  I have no objection whatsoever to eating the same thing for several meals

Monday, 11 February 2019

Peas beans and lentils

Now that Tony is on a pre diabetic diet we are looking at ways to help him.  I have in my food stock quite a few bags of  mixed pulses and plan to make use of them over the next few months.  He will be going back to the doctors in May so we hope to have reduced his weight and cholesterol levels by then. I would be grateful for any tried and tested tasty recipes that utilise the pulses. We have slashed our tea drinking consumption and now instead of the ten or more cups we were drinking..We are trying to drink much more plain water and so far so good.. I know, I know... We are shocked by the amount of tea we were drinking too.… For the past few days we have stuck to having three or four cups each.
Tea tonight will be a chicken and mixed bean casserole with loads of veggies. Tomorrow he is off to the footie so I am planning a really tasty healthy picnic for him.  He used to buy a 'foot long sausage sarnie'  from the stand.  He no longer wants to eat anything remotely unhealthy.  Not sure how long it will last but I think it is probably easier for him as I do all the meal planning and cooking. He just rocks up to the table and eats whatever I put in front of him.

Sunday, 10 February 2019