Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 22 September 2017

Kitchen update

Things are progressing well and it should be finished next Tuesday.  The fitter has moved as many boxes into the kitchen as he could to give me somewhere to sit this weekend. I can't close the conservatory door as we have three huge lengths of worktop straddling it.  The glass splashback that we chose won't fit so I am making do with a white tiled one.  Not great problems and in truth I really don't mind.

Pretty bracelets

Lat month while I was at the university I noticed a handful of black glass beads on the floor.  I was setting up the room for an exam when I noticed  a few just before the students arrived.  I was itching to pick them up all through the exam but obviously couldn't. I waited until the end when everyone left and picked them up.The few that I had spotted were just the tip of the iceberg as there were far more than I had originally noticed.  Yesterday with the adition of some beads from my stash I made them into bracelets.  The centre bead on the blue one is in fact a large square.  The angle of the shot has made it look like a much smaller bead.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Kitchen update.

The workmen have finished for the day.....   3.40... not exactly working long hours but it must be hard on their knees and backs. I bet they ache all over at the end of the day. Here is a progress report for today

Surrounded by boxes

Two young men have just delivered my kitchen.. I am now surrounded by boxes and boxes and boxes.... and I can't find my tea bags anywhere. Oh! what on earth can I do without a cuppa? I will pop back later and show you how they get on. I only hope that the plaster is dry enough for them to be able to fit the kitchen. If not then I am stuck with this for at least one more day.  Tony and I will be having tea at the pub in that case.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Well and truly plastered

The kitchen has its plaster coat now and oh how impressed I am.  The finish is like glass and the plastering team were lovely.  They even took their shoes off to use the toilet without being asked. In fact I was amazed that they had as the kitchen fitters just strolled through in their dirty work boots.  It took a lot of willpower not to say something as we are very much a shoes off house.  I could not imagine walking across someone's carpets in outdoor shoes.

I have been busy with a couple of tiny craft projects while the kitchen fitters are here. 

Needlefelt sheep

Tiny bear made from a silk tie

Beautiful smooth as glass plaster

Getting plastered

Today the plasterer is coming in to skim the walls.  There won't be much to see really but I will still take a photo and share it here later on.  Oh. I'm sorry,  you look disappointed!  Were you expecting a tale of drunken debauchery?

Tony and I had tea in a nice pub in Guisborough yesterday. I was booked to give a talk in a church there. It seemed sensible to eat close to the venue. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the ladies group and I was delighted that they were so appreciative of my work. I wonder how many eye their recycle bin today and perhaps wonder whether they could make something instead of throwing it away.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Not much to see tonight

The builders finished off the plasterboard and installed a sub floor but in truth there really isn't a great deal to show you today. I have just come home from Guisborough after giving a talk and demonstration to a ladies group.  Tony really is the darling of the ladies when he chauffeurs me to these talks.  I think he enjoys them as much as I do. One of these days I will remember to take a photo when the display is all set up. I do love to see the delight on the faces of the ladies when they settle in and start to take a good look at my display.

Day two of the renovation.

The builders haven't arrived yet but it is only 08:25 and they aren't due until about 09:00 so I may have a little while to wait. I will of course update you all at the end of the working day.  Last night we had fish and chips from the local chippy but sadly weren't impressed.  We have yet to find a chippy to beat the Bartlet Street chippy in Darlington.  That is my current absolute favourite and I think we will just stick with buying from there when we fancy fish and chips.
 We are planning on a pub meal in Guisborough this evening as I am booked to give a talk in Guisborough this evening.  That will pay for the bags of fuel for our wood burner.  We like to stock up with multi fuel as it burns all night long and is good value for money. It is lovely getting up to a warm house on a cold winter's morning and only having to coax the fire back into life. Much easier than starting from scratch.  I burn wood throughout the day though and that of course doesn't cost us anything.
I was hoping to make a peach flan as a little treat for Tony coming in from work but look at my nectarines.....  I was so disappointed.  Oh well the pastry didn't go  to waste as I made a cheese and tomato flan instead. It is amazing how useful my little mini oven has been these past few days.

Monday, 18 September 2017

End of day one of the kitchen reno.

The builders have just finished for the day so here is the progress so far.  I am really impressed with how clean they have worked. I have seen many a builder leave a horrible mess at the end of each day. They started by stripping out the old kitchen and removing the wooden boards from the wall.  Then the electrician sorted out the electrics. After lunch they plasterboarded the walls.  I will pop back in the morning and show you how far they get.  I will also show you my little crafties from today.... well I couldn't just waste a whole day doing nothing now could I?  :-)

Kitchen renovation day 1.

Well it is D Day and counting.  Today is the start of my new kitchen and I am waiting for the builders to arrive at about 09:00. I will pop back a little later and update this post with a few photos.At this moment in time I have the entire contents of my kitchen stuffed into every available space in my house. The conservatory has a  tiny kitchen area set up so that I can make that most important of British customs... the cup of tea.  In truth I am prefectly happy to drink water but I am sure that the builders will need  their tea levels topping up throughout the day.