Tuesday, 10 July 2018

3.28kg of Cherries

I have just been for a walk with my friend and on the way back I showed her where the cherries are.  We were busy picking cherries when a man stopped and asked what fruit they were.  I gave him an empty bag and helped him fill it.  After he left my friend and I continued to pick more fruit.  I have weighed them and after adding yesterdays haul I have 3.28kg of  cherries. Most of them will go into the freezer but I have a big dish full for snacking on.

Ready to freeze


  1. My work colleague has a cherry tree and she has been snacking on them for days now. Whilst at home she has been making cherry gin and jam. Not so fond of them myself.


  2. I love cherries - and they are very expensive here. I've never seen local cherries in the stores; they're all imported. You did very well with your picking!