Monday, 9 July 2018

Lemon ice cream and cherry brandy

Well! Le Crafterie didn't get sorted but I have had a very domestic kinda day. This morning  I made a  batch of lemon ice cream... it is flippin gorgeous and has nothing nasty or synthetic in it. This evening Tony and I went for a walk in the park. On the way out  I put a plastic bag in my pocket... you never know what you will find  this time of year. I am so pleased that I did as the cherries are ripe. I came home with over a kilo of gorgeous luscious cherries..  Tomorrow my friend and I are going to get a whole load more.  It seems crazy that they just rot on the tree. No one else ever picks them.  While we were out walking I eyeballed the walnut trees.  The crop will be huge if the squirrels leave them alone.

My ice cream recipe

2 unwaxed lemons (or scrub them very well if waxed)
300ml double cream
150ml cold milk
225g sugar

Pour the sugar into a jug and grate the zest of the lemons on top of the sugar. Juice the lemons and add this to the sugar. Give it a good stir and then  add the cold milk... In a separate bowl lightly whip the double cream until it has thickened slightly.  Now add the jug of lemon/sugar/ milk to the cream and whip it all a little bit more. …. pop it into a freezer proof bowl and freeze.   That's all there is to it.
I stood and stoned virtually all the cherries... one by one. I have put them into glass decanters with a bottle of brandy and a couple of spoons of sugar on top.  By Christmas they will have made a gorgeous cherry liqeur.  Tomorrow I am planning on making cherry ice cream.   I put a small tub of them aside for Tony's packed lunch and kept some that are still on stalks. I want to dip them into chocolate and have them for a treat.  I would be grateful for any tried and tested cherry recipes that you might have.


  1. The thought of lemon ice cream made my mouth water Cherie. I am going to have to make some at the weekend so thanks for your recipe.

  2. Even though it is Winter here, the though of a lemony ice-cream sounds most delicious! Meg:)