Thursday, 14 June 2018

Scary wind and some lovely flowers

It is blowing an absolute hoolie out there.  The trees are bending into all sorts  of weird angles and I always worry that the huge pine tree in the next garden is one day going to blow over. It would cause some serious damage if it came down. My poor lupins are taking a real bashing and the Purple kale is struggling to stay upright.

I thought you might like to see a photo of the beautiful flowers that my hubby bought yesterday. He asked me to pop out to the car and lend a hand to bring something in.... I opened the car door and discovered a glorious bouquet of creamy white lillies and roses.  They are going to be stunning when they all open fully

And last but not least.. I have a flower on my cucumber plant.  They are great fun to grow as once the fruit is set they almost grow before your very eyes. Before you know it there is a huge cucumber waiting to be eaten


  1. Hubby sounds like a dream, so thoughtful and romantic to let you find the flowers like that.
    Don't forget to post as he grows.

  2. You have a terrific green thumb!

  3. Those flowers are gorgeous..the wind here is blowing like crazy but at least no rain.

  4. What a lovely hubby you have; and enjoy the cucumber :-)

  5. That’s my kind of bouquet-I love white flowers although have to de-stamen the lilies instantly. My DH never, ever buys me flowers and it’s a source of friction. WHen we were making our will and funeral arrangements, I asked pur lawyer to write in that there would be no flowers, as I wouldn’t be able to see them. Think he was a bit shocked! My DH so good in all other ways, but I have learned to buy flowers myself when I fancy them. Enjoy your lovely gift.

  6. Gorgeous pictures and the flowers your husband bought are fabulous.

    Hugs Diane