Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 15 May 2015

People are so lovely

Following Tony's accident last week I have had several offers from people I hardly know to take me food shopping. My lovely neighbours Joan and Bryan offered lifts to and from the hospital and so many people have rung to ask after Tony. I have had loads of emails from virtual strangers asking after Tony and offering well wishes that it has really lifted my spirits to see just how kind people can be.  He is on the mend now thank goodness but we have eaten some rather strange combinations of food from the freezer.  We had been running the freezer down in order to switch it off so the accident couldn't really have come at a worse time as there isn't a huge amount of choice in there.  Minced lamb has been a staple on the menu as has pasta.  It is stuffed peppers tonight with boiled rice which will make a nice change from pasta. 
On a different note, this morning was my weekly ladies walk.  One of the ladies had lost her husband in January and today would have been their 61st wedding anniversary.  She  brought some of his ashes to scatter among the bluebells and we had a very touching 'quiet moment'  which really brought a lump to the throat of many of us. The bluebell walk was beautiful and the sun shone down on us all though it was a little chilly. We finished our walk and enjoyed a good natter sitting in the garden of a local pub with a nice cuppa

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