Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 16 January 2015

Log splitting and rotten weather

We have been watching the weather forecast just lately and it has been pretty grim.  Oddly enough it seems to pass either side of us but just in case we get hit by the worst of it I spent a good hour yesterday splitting logs.  Boy is it a great way to get rid of any built up anger. The wood stove has to be one of the best investment we have made in a long time. We are able to source an endless supply of wood so it costs nothing to run.  The kettle goes on top of it to heat the water for our hot water bottles. I have warmed soup and mulled wine on it and am currently looking for recipes that I can use to cook on top of it. The whole house is warmed off the one stove in the sitting room. It isn't attached to the central heating system (which we very rarely use) as all we do is build up some heat in the room and then open the door to let the heat through the house. The house stays pleasantly warm all night and it is still comfortably warm enough in the mornings to get up and get dressed. Do keep in mind here that Tony and I are pretty tough so don't really feel the cold and  rarely resorted to the central heating  before we had the wood stove installed.. I feel pretty sick when i go into houses that have the central heating blasting away as I am just not used to the heat.  We would far rather put an extra layer on. There is no point coming to my house in the middle of winter dressed in your tiny t shirt as you will definitely freeze.

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  1. We have a log fire and don't use the central heating. Most of our wood is free too. The heat is so much more warming and sustaining then radiators!