Tuesday, 17 July 2018

What a storm

Last night the heavens opened with an almighty bang and some very dramatic flashes of lightning. The rain poured and it poured and it poured.  I bet it did some damage to gardens in my local area but the grass verges will have really enjoyed a good drink and should hopefully start to green back up in a day or two. We have some beautiful hostas in the garden and they too look as though they really had a lovely drink. It is amazing the difference a drop of rainwater on the garden does in comparison with tap water.  I just checked on the two avocado which are sitting in pots in The garden... They look really healthy and  I am sure they have grown since yesterday. Pruning them back was a good move as they are starting to bush out nicely.


  1. I so envy you. Here in the south it is so dry and no rain forecast. The garden is desperate and as you say watering isn't the same as rain. Everything is bleached and the veggies are suffering. Please send some our way!

  2. Proper rain....how lovely.
    If I had had the patience I could probably have counted the raindrops we had....lol.

  3. They are looking good, no real rain here in Cornwall yet, just a few drops and nothing more. Emmax

  4. Jealous..its so dry and humid here..so want it to rain

  5. WOW,I am absolutely terrified of Thunder and Lightening,hope we don't get that.We are desperate for rain of course everything thing is suffering like so many other places.Not moaning about the weather though as we don't really get "A Summer" that often lol.Loving your photos.xx