Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Tough decisions today

I am wondering whether I should water the garden or not?  We don't have any hint of a hosepipe ban yet and being in the North of England we do (usually) get a fair bit of rain.  We have several reservoirs from which our water is provided and there has been no mention of the need to conserve water. My garden is a huge source of pleasure to me and it delights me when cars passing my house slow down to admire it. We aren't yet water metred and pay a set amount each year for the water..... I won't get a reduction if we use less.  We have two water butts and many, many years ago I put a 'dribble hose'  just under the soil around the garden so have always done our utmost to conserve water. Oddly enough, the grass at the front is virtually all brown but the grass at the back is lovely and green?  I have no idea why that would be as I rarely water the back lawn. My dilemma is purely that we have no idea how long the heatwave will last.  I could let everything die and then knowing the British weather it will rain heavily or I can water it and keep an eye on whether we are advised to be careful with water.  I never use a sprinkler, choosing instead to water each plant with my hosepipe or watering can.  I think I might just have to go and give each plant a little drink before the sun gets out.  It is cloudy here and the water won't just evaporate.


  1. Until they say there is a problem I shall continue to water my garden, I wouldn't let my plants die they are looking so beautiful as I'm sure your garden is.
    Getting my cream today to have a go at the lemon ice cream, lol

  2. I water in the evening, it is cooler for me and the water has all night to really get down to the roots. I used to have a trickle or seep hose and will be putting 2 new water butts, fitted with them, in this year. These will be just for my fruit trees. Of course i accept that once they go in we will have wall to wall rain for months on end.