Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 15 July 2018

The garden rehash

I must be totally barking mad in this heat.  I started a little gardening job … it became a big gardening job.  The hedge needed cutting... so I did.  Then I had a brainwave.... again.... :-) . At the bottom of the garden we have some huge black plastic tubs filled with soil.  I have just emptied one of them and will do the second one as soon as I have cooled down a bit. I am planning on moving my orange tree and my lemon tree from the front garden to the back garden. The fig is so much happier in the back and is already producing some figlets. I reckon that the citrus might prefer the back garden. It is very sheltered and sunny so perhaps we will get some fruit next year...…. Tony is sitting on the sofa in the cool of the sitting room.... sensible bloke..


  1. I'm with Tony today I'm afraid....inside in the shade.

  2. I wish I had half your energy :D

    1. I wish it was a bit cooler. I could get a lot more done