Saturday, 14 July 2018

The Flying Scotsman

Tony and I have had a smashing day.  This morning we visited Shildon Railway museum to see the Flying Scotsman.. I was stunned at the majesty and size of some of the trains there. I was extremely moved when I stood next to the train that carried the coffin of Winston Churchill.  If you are even slightly interested in trains then I would highly recommend visiting the museum...Entry is free and you can take your own picnic or have a light lunch in the café there.
This evening we have enjoyed our usual ceilidh. It started and finished early today as it was aimed at families. A few children were there and they seemed to have great fun. I am now having a very chilled glass of wine to cool me down.  The heat is really getting to me and I won't sleep if I don't cool down a bit. 


  1. A ceilidh in that heat sounds like a very hot thing! Yes, sleeping is impossible for me too when it's hot.

  2. Well jel; would love to see it :-)

  3. I love old transport....steam trains, trams and old cars and it's funny but I asked Andy yesterday if he fancies going to the Crich Tramway Museum when he's on his summer break. I doubt we'll see The Flying Scotsman but there will be plenty of interesting stuff.