Friday, 6 July 2018

Saving a small fortune

Last Saturday a mini supermarket opened just around the corner from where I live.  Tony and I have saved a small fortune shopping there.  When we ran out of milk in the past we would pop to Tesco..... and spend the best part of £30 on groceries we hadn't planned on buying. Now we simply call into our mini supermarket and pick it up there.  We walk in for milk (£1 for 2 litres) and come out with milk... not the usual trolley of groceries. I am planning on having a really good look at the prices there.  I expect them to be more expensive than the big supermarkets but it might be worth my while to simply pop in  a couple of times a week and buy just what we need. I won't have a freezer full of things that linger until I fancy eating them.

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  1. Hi,sorry not visited for ages.Let us know how you get on,sounds like a plan.x