Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Baby fish update

About a month ago I told you that I had managed to hatch some goldfish eggs.. Well not me personally. I doubt they would survive me sitting on them  :-)  I fished the pond weed out of the pond and some eggs were attached.  I also rescued a few tiny fish hatchlings (fry) from the pond.  In total I have about a dozen and they vary in size from about 1cm to 2cms. I will keep them in the 'maternity tank' until next spring when hopefully they will be big enough and strong enough to live in the pond. I will rehome a few to friends that might like a couple of goldfish for their pond..  It has been lovely watching the transformation from a tiny little egg to the proper little fish that they are today.  The photo isn't great but the little blighters won't stay still


  1. You make everything grow, Cherie! This is fascinating.

    1. I have just been potting up some more fruit pips and stones.. They have sprouted and are ready to put into pots. I have six lemons, three almonds and ten pomegranate pips.