Monday, 2 July 2018

Aeonium schwarzkopf

No, I am not learning a foreign language. I am talking about the very leggy aeonium that I have had growing in a softpot in my garden.  Last year Monty Don from gardeners world took drastic action with his  aeonium. He cut it in half, leaving a bare stalk and the head of the plant with some stalk attached. Three or four days ago I did exactly that.  I left it to dry and have just potted it into a very gritty compost in a proper clay pot.  I live in hope that it will root and the remaining stalk will throw out new shoots... I will let you know what happens

Gorgeous clove scented pinks right next to my back door
Curly Kale and sweetcorn in my flower border


  1. My Dad always grew veg and fruit together as he thought any bare earth was wasted! There are lots of advantages to doing this as it helps protect each other from things that would eat them.

  2. I've never heard of one of those but I rather like it.
    Hope it Roots for you.

  3. Your plants look very healthy. I grow all different types of things together in my potager garden, too. I think a possum visited last night, and uprooted my artichokes.