Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Well!.... They were very very nice

Yesterday when I made the meringues I told you that I had a batch of cakes in the oven... They are absolutely delicious.  One small thing I did wrong was to lift them out of the oven just a bit too soon so they sank... It didn't make any difference to Tony and I as we don't mind eating all the blunders..:-) I have discovered that you can make Yorkshire pud without eggs so watch this space.  I will make a batch some time and report back on how well they work.
I am trying to motivate myself to make a start on emptying the loft.  It is stuffed to the rafters with 'stuff' and I don't think we have even looked at most of it in years.  I have a full rail of jackets up there.... lovely smart jackets... but heck. How many jackets does one person really need? There are tubs of clothing that I might just fit one day... I don't think that day is ever going to come so they have got to go. We have boxes and boxes of utter junk... they are going to the tip...…. This is going to take me a while. I may emerge round about Christmas
Property prices are increasing quickly here so it will be interesting to see how quickly they sell. It might just be worth our while to move house now, as the area that we are looking at has lovely houses at absolutely bargain prices and they are unlikely to increase as quickly ... we will see how we feel in a month or two.

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