Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Should I chop it or not?

I think I may be turning my kitchen windowsill into an orchard. The other day I was eating a fresh apricot and discovered a little sprout coming off the stone.  I have planted it in some compost on my kitchen windowsill and will see if it grows. The avocados that I have managed to sprout have taken off with a vengeance now.  One is about eight inches tall and the other is ten inches.  I read online that when they reach six inches I should cut off the top growth..... I didn't read that until last night and am a bit wary of just chopping the head off the poor things... Has anyone grown one before? I would love some advice.  They will of course have to live indoors throughout the colder months. Any hint of frost will kill them so I guess they will have to share the conservatory with anything else that is too tender to remain outdoors. I am not daft enough to expect fruit from them but they have been a fun experiment.  They are two different varieties and look ever so slightly different.

The avocado plants


  1. Not an expert especially with avocado! But hopping the top of any plant should promote side growth and make for a bushier plant.

  2. I guess its like pinching the top out of most small plants once the second set of leaves appear it makes for stronger growth and a better plant? Never grown avocado's tho so no idea. They are looking well. Good luck with the apricot too. Emmax p.s just read Alisons reply too so we are on the same wavelength!

  3. I think you could probably grow them either way. Some plants like to be pinched back, like Creeping Charlie.