Monday, 7 May 2018

Flat tyre

Tony fancied a drive over to Skipton for the day today. He got up fairly early and after breakfast we set off.  We were about fifteen miles from Skipton when we pulled into a layby to check on a strange noise.  Look what we found... A three inch screw firmly embedded in the tyre. Tony put a can of  'the stuff' in the tyre but it didn't do a blimmin thing. We had to call the breakdown people and be taken to a tyre fitters to change the tyre.  £112 later (ouch) we set off again. We didn't get very far when we hit a traffic jam. After crawling along for over an hour at 8mph... you read that right... 8mph. We decided to turn off the road and just see where it took us. We drove through some of the most stunning scenery that I have seen in a while and ended up in Grassington. We spent a lovely afternoon there but will go another day when it isn't likely to be so busy. Every road for miles was choked with traffic. We had avoided going to the coast as we assumed the traffic would be horrendous.  We Brits love a bit of sunshine...


  1. A shame about the tire and the traffic jam, but if all had gone well then you wouldn't have seen the nice scenery, I suppose! We avoid crowds when at all possible :)

    1. We will avoid travelling on a bank holiday weekend from now on.
      I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of North Yorkshire. We are surrounded by stunning scenery but Grassington and the surrounding countryside is breath taking.

  2. Grassington is lovely, I stayed in a B & B there on a long walk.

  3. Thats a shame about the tyre and outing, we rarely venture out on a BH as being in Cornwall you can imagine it gets very busy when the sun shines too. Emmax