Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Fizzy drink cans

I had the most delicious lunch with a few friends yesterday. My friend Tripta had created a gorgeous mini Indian banquet.  There were so many tasty dishes to try and we all came away with plenty of ideas for Indian meals.
Before I went I had a play with a few paper punches. I used them to punched flowers and hearts from a little empty lemonade tin. I have done this many times before and although they aren't particularly robust they do give me a few wearings before they  get a bit squashed.  I simply poked a hole with a pin right through the middle of the flower and pushed a small earring stud through the hole. It totally changes the look of the studs depending on the colours and shapes that I punch. Best of all they are really lightweight and don't weigh my ears down. You can of course make them much bigger and have really eye catching earrings without them dragging on your earlobes.

While I was at Tripta's she gave me this beautiful empty cosmetic box.  She said it was too nice to throw away but she had no idea what to do with it... I on the other hand have plenty of ideas so watch this space.. I am off to the dentist this morning and when I get back I am planning on decorating it.  It will make a great make up box for my dressing table and everything will be at hand instead of pushed into a drawer. 


  1. Very pretty earrings. I like boxes and drawers, don't ask why I just do. lol

  2. Lovely earrings :-)

    Good luck at the dentist :-@

  3. How pretty! Like Briony, I love boxes and am looking forward to seeing how you decorate this one.

  4. What lovely earrings and looking forward to seeing the finished box revamp. Emma