Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 6 April 2015

The garden makeover

Yesterday I made a start trimming the Pyracantha hedge but the sun was in my eyes so I had to stop.  Today the trim became more of a huge restyle and it has gone from being 8ft tall to around 4ft 6" tall.  As fast as I chopped chunks of the blimmin thing it took chunks out of me. I now look like a self harmer with dreadful scratches and deeper cuts up both arms. Pyracantha isn't called nature's barbed wire for nothing. It looks a bit butchered at the moment but will soon grow some new green shoots. While I was sitting in the sun I decided that I would move my fruit bushes.  Then I had a brainwave!!!!!!! Hmmmn, the pond would look great on the bit that is currently my little veg plot. This is rather a major undertaking so will have to wait a little while but when it is moved I will have a lovely new patio laid by Tony and me of course. Tomorrow I will make a start shredding the huge pile of greenery left from the hedge trimming session. Oh! and you should see the huge pile of logs that we have been given. It will see us right through next winter but we need to move them from the drive to the back garden.  We have been doing this for two days now but there is only so much log moving that  a body can take. I reckon it will take at least a week to get them all moved.

My garden five minutes ago.  Note the huge pile to be disposed of.

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  1. Looks as though you had a very busy weekend Cherie, you've done a great job chopping the pyrocantha, which is no mean feat. I hope your tetanus is up to date with all those scratches you got. Hope you get to relax a bit today, you deserve it. Hugs Lainie xx