Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 5 April 2015

The best laid plans

Yesterday I had my day all planned out.  Tony and I would have a late 'English Breakfast'.  I like to make sure he has had something substantial to eat before he drives all the way to Manchester to watch a load of men kick a ball up and down a field  :-)  I had decided that as soon as he had gone I would finish the sock that I have been knitting and then do a little bit of gardening. Well...........  the young couple across the road have been waiting for the planning department to pass the plans for their new extension and I noticed signs that today was 'clearing out day'. Sure enough, within an hour I was being offered all manner of useful junk. I am now the proud possessor of another little set of plastic drawers which will come in handy to tidy up Le Crafterie but what I am doing in my usual long winded way is getting around to showing you one of the 12" square tiles that I received. As soon as I saw the box of tiles I immediately knew that I would have to play with the glass paints that I was given a while ago sooooooooooo the sock didn't get finished and the garden will have to wait until today.  Here is what I made yesterday. It really catches the light nicely though it is a little more rustic than I would have liked as the paint is a little bit thick. Oh! and the hanging basket is just one of the lovely display of spring flowers currently gracing the front of Kemp castle at the moment.  The garden is a mass of Spring colour and it really is quite 'head turning'.   I have great plans for the summer display this year. My propagator is going full pelt and the windowsills are awash with seed trays full of seedlings.

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