Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Free Books

Tony and I are just back from an overnight trip to Liverpool to watch Lord Of The Dance.  It was an amazing show and we got to spend today in Liverpool before heading home.  While we were there we came across a bookshop that was giving away free books....... you read that correctly.......FREE BOOKS.  Each person was allowed to choose three books absolutely free of charge.  It is a local volunteer run initiative to reduce the amount of books that go to the landfill. Many of the books were brand new and had never even been opened.  Over time people had returned books that they had read and brought along some books from their own bookshelves for other people to enjoy.   I thought it was an amazing idea and one that could be adopted by every town.  We came home with 6 brand new books to read and we will pass them on to a charity  when we have read them.

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