Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The felted wool cardigan and a few snail shells.

My lovely friend Elaine asked if I could find a use for a cardigan that her mum had accidentally washed and felted.  COULD I????????????  mais oui mon ami I will find a very good use for it today. I wanted to start working on it yesterday but I had to knit some more of the matching sock and I really did need to do some housework.  After a good long walk with Ken I came home and spent an hour cleaning up the mess that I make (every day).  I dusted and polished and gave all the doors a quick wipe over.... how on earth do they get to be so grubby?........  Then I gave my snail shells another coat of sealer.... What snail shells am I talking about I hear you ask?....... Well on Friday after the walk I did an hour of gardening.  Just general tidying up and tweaking to keep it looking pretty.  Under some of the plants were some quite large, empty snail shells so I picked three up and popped them into a bowl of bleachy water (I want that bleach bottle) to clean and sterilise them. Then I painted and decoupaged them.... They are sitting on my kitchen windowsill right now waiting for me to make some little snail bodies... (another project for another day)...  Then I took out my water colours and gave a small canvas a quick wash of colour as a base for a project that is wandering about in the back of my mind.  See how easily I can get distracted and lured away from the never ending housework.  Anyway,  I knitted quite a bit more of the sock and hopefully will finish it tomorrow.  Tonight is my carving club night so it won't get finished today.  I am hoping to have a huge chuck out of the junk in my craft room some time soon and it may well be today as I really could use the space in a better way. The garden needs a little more work and I really should run the hoover around upstairs. So much to do and so many crafts to tempt me away from it all.


  1. Junk in your craft room - throw away - words I thought you would never use lol!!
    The shells look super :-)

    1. Other peoples junk Alison. I am snowed under with well meaning people saving me every bit of junk they can find. I really can produce enough of my own. My lovely neighbour Joan asked me if I would like her to collect snail shells....... ermmmmmmm no thanks!!!!!!!!!