Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Absolutely terrified

Yesterday afternoon Tony and I popped over to Brompton to buy some smokeless fuel.  I happened to comment that the snow had pretty much gone from the fields and it was a bit of a shame as it had looked really pretty.  Tony decided to come back via Osmotherley which is a really pretty route and one we have made dozens of times........ It was the most terrifying drive of my life.  It is pretty much all downhill and those hills are blimmin steep. The steep hills were thick with ice and were like sheet glass. Tony really impressed me with the way he managed to control the car. Thankfully there was nothing on the road in front of us as we kind of slid all the way down each of the hills with Tony being  'cool as a cucumber'.  He is so good in an emergency and I was amazed at his skill handling the car.  I have never been in that kind of situation before.. and never want to again...

I had spent most of the day beading little denim and cotton scrap hearts and finished two more last night.  I also started a tiny piece of crazy quilting... my first ever try at  this lovely craft...... I am utterly smitten (nothing new there then)  and am already planning my next project which will be a great way to use up snips and scraps.  I will post a picture later on as it is still dark outside and I am up before the sun this morning.

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