Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Christmas Lunch (box)

I got the loveliest surprise yesterday when my son brought me a huge bunch of flowers.  I was walking back from the post office when I ran into an old school friend of his.  We chatted briefly and when I turned around I saw Alexander walking up the road with a huge bunch of flowers.  He was a little disappointed that he hadn't surprised me at home......... You never go out'  was his comment when I said that I might not have been home......:-)   what does he know????????  actually it made me stop and think....  I really do rarely go out during the day as  if I am not at work I am  so busy crafting in my workshop. Anyway, he has put an AP on my phone to track my walking sessions.  I have been taking 5 miles walks  a couple of times a week for about a year now. The terrain is quite hilly and I had wondered how far we do actually walk and just how many calories it burns up. I am almost tempted to go for a long walk today just to find out.........  almost but not quite........ I have crafts to try and things to make

Must tell you this before I forget! Tony will get a surprise when he opens up his packed lunch box today.  I have decorated it with tinsel and baubles  :-)  When I say he will get a surprise I don't mean a complete surprise.  Every year for the week running up to Christmas his packed lunch tin gets blingier and blingier.  I start inside (like today's lunch) and gradually work my way out.  He ends up with a tiny Santa on his very last work day before Christmas.  I did it once as a joke many years ago and he was utterly delighted when he opened up the tin at lunch time.  Now his colleagues await the arrival of 'The Christmas Lunch Tin). I buy proper 'treat food' for the week running up to Christmas.  Today he has Prawn Cocktail sandwiches,  a little macaron, one of the chocolate bars that I decorated yesterday and his usual apple and orange.  I am planning to bake some goodies later today but haven't quite made up my mind exactly what they will be.  I quite fancy making some Christmas Tree shaped ginger biscuits.  I will let you know what I did eventually decide on.

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  1. What a lovely lunch box idea and how kind of your son to bring flowers :-)