Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

MUMPS (wasn't though)

Good morning on this lovely Christmas Eve.  I am waiting for the doctors surgery to open so that I can make an appointment for Alexander.  Poor kid looks like a hamster and having spoken to the 111 service at 6 this morning they tell me he needs an emergency appointment with the doctor......Must go now and join the phone queue of mums of students and small children trying to get an emergency appointment at the surgery.

Well  a quick visit to the doctor and we find out that it is Parotitis.  I had never heard of it before and our doctor tells us that he only sees about 3 cases a year so it isn't contagious.   Phewwwwww.... now that is a relief.  It has of course cost me £8.08 for a prescription for antibiotics and it was quite odd as Alexander has not had a prescription since he was in primary school when it was all free. He didn't realise that you do in fact pay for prescriptions  :-)..... like I said, we really are seldom ill.


  1. merry xmas chuck ...im thinking of getting some terrible 24hr virus just to see how they cope ..lol

    1. They couldn't....... ;-) and no point in you doing any such thing as you would still have to do it all anyway,,,, with or without a virus