Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 19 December 2014

Coming home for the holidays

Whoop Whoop!   Alexander is coming home for the holidays tomorrow.  I have lifted a lovely piece of gammon out from the freezer and will boil it then roast it tomorrow morning.  I have honey and cloves in my cupboards to stud it with before I roast it. I want the house to smell wonderful when he arrives back.  We have a lovely bottle of red wine that I plan to turn into a mulled wine tomorrow night.  I will put it in a pan with some slices of orange,  a little bit of ginger, a couple of bruised cloves,  a little brown sugar and a slug of lemonade just for a little sweetness. I am planning on warming it up on top of the log burner to add more lovely scent to the house.  I think the best part of Christmas is the cooking and crafting.  I love the whole shebang. The decorations, food and friends add to the whole package for me. This morning I made the best cheese scones that I have ever made and I make a pretty mean scone..... being in the WI it is kind of expected sometimes.  I have also made some with currants and it has taken a mighty amount of willpower to leave them alone.  I have cream whipped up in the fridge and some gorgeous strawberry jam that I made in the summer.  The diet can wait until the New Year when I will take myself in hand and start a new fitness regime.... Speaking of new regimes,  I am going for the old hair chopping tomorrow morning. I have decided that I will have it REALLY short.  I may well regret it but I feel ready for a bit of a change and it will grow back quite quickly.  I have really thick hair and it is getting a bit straw like with so much dyeing.  I am aiming to 'embrace the grey' if I can stand it.  Only time will tell on this point as I am not sure how I will feel when it starts to reveal itself.  

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  1. Have a lovely time with your son :-)
    I can see the calories oozing out of your house lol ;-)
    Is winter the best time for an all off haircut? You'll have a cold neck.....and don't worry about the grey; you'll join me in the "sophisticated" club!