Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hair conditioner and a woodcarving update

As I type this I look like an oven ready chicken in  a roasting bag.  My hair has been feeling very course and strawlike recently. I happened upon a 'you tube' video where the young lady mixed up an egg white with some honey and spread it through her hair and then wrapped it up in cling film......... I will report back and till you whether I suddenly develop hair like silk with a beautiful shine   :-)   Oh and my current wood carving project is coming along nicely.  I have given up trying to carve  'Pigeon Post' on it as the letter  'e' just kept chipping away.  I have decide to dig the pyrography kit out from my workshop and simply burn the letters into the wood.  The club isn't meeting next week as it is half term so I may spend the evening carving at home...... and I might not if something else tickles my fancy. 

Oh!!!!! and while I remember... If you fancy trying the egg white and honey conditioner make sure to rinse the egg white and honey off with cool water or you will end up with a hairful of cooked scrambled egg.  Hot water will cook the egg.

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