Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Christmas decorations

Yesterday I made up a batch of salt dough in order to make some Christmas decorations.. I rolled the dough out on a texture plate before cutting out the shape with cookie cutters  (Aldi's have a great set of cookie cutters in stock just now). They have been drying all night in front of my log burner and once they are completely dry I will run some fine grade sandpaper around the edges to smooth them out. I could have done that when I cut them but didn't want to handle them too much and risk pushing the textured pattern out of the dough.  I may just give these a coat of iridescent glitter before varnishing them as i quite like them exactly a they are.  You could of  course paint them if you decide to make some.  If you don't have any texture plates just leave them smoth and perhaps embellish them with gems and sequins.


  1. Tony and Alexander had better watch their toothy pegs!