Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Eggshell bowl

Today my day kind of went... 05:45..... why the heck am I wide awake.  Oh well might as well make a cup of tea. Put used teabag to dry before adding to my pile to craft with.  Quick bubble bath and then hubs went off to work. I was full of good intentions to clean the house and started well with two loads of laundry but got attacked by the egg shells and plarn..  Housework went out the window.  Needed some dark egg shells so had to make a batch of cakes  :-) In between playing around with egg shell decoupage I pegged out laundry and then made some plarn flowers..... I lead such an exciting life.  Anyway, why am I yabbering on when all I wanted to do was show you what I have been making today.  Blimey, I can talk a glass eye to sleep. Ages ago I made a load of papier mache bowls.  Today I decorated one of those bowls with some of my egg shell stash. Oh! and I can't stop making plarn flowers.  In fact Tony will think that I was a total domestic goddess today so don't tell him otherwise.  He will enjoy that batch of cupcakes. Like I said,  I needed some dark shells.

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  1. Whoa, you make me feel exhausted doing all that ;-#
    I feel guilty composting my eggshells and recycling my plastic bags lol :-@
    I shall keep looking at things and say "what would Cherie do with this?"