Thursday, 25 February 2021

The shed is coming down today

 This morning while walking with my friend we spotted daffodils in drifts, snowdrops in blizzards and crocus in a variety of colours popping up all over the neighbourhood. When I got home the sun was streaming through the kitchen window and that always makes me want to scrub and clean everything. The kitchen is now sparkling and I have made four boxed salads ready for lunch today and tomorrow. With Tony off work I haven't been using up the 'packed lunch salads' and have been cooking at both lunch time and tea time. Prepping the salads means that lunch will be a quick stop and then back to work as there is so much to do today.  At lunch time we have the electrician coming to disconnect the electrics in the shed and then we can make a start dismantling it. Tony and I keep looking at the spot where our new patio will be and commenting at how it will be bathed in sunshine. I'll pop back later with a before and after photo.I have so many plans for the potential new patio area.  A small  pear tree is tempting me and I may well have to buy one on a dwarfing rootstock.