Saturday, 1 August 2020

Eid Mubarak

First of all can I wish all my Muslim  friends Eid Mubarak. I  hope you manage to celebrate this special time with your family and friends.

Yesterday I moved things around in the garden and have made a bit  more space on the gravel patio so that I can put chairs for my friends to socially distance when they pop in. It was glorious weather and I spent pretty much all day pottering on in the garden. I must have drank the reservoir dry though as I was determined to keep myself well hydrated. My sweet peas are fabulous and my neighbour has had a couple of bunches of them as I have picked plenty for Tony and I to enjoy. They continue to flower and every few days I pick loads of them. My cucumbers are going into production overdrive. They are still very small but in a week or two it will be cucumbers in every meal. My friend in Kent has already picked the last of hers which has made me plan to plant some every three weeks next year. It means I will be able to pick cucumbers for a lot longer. My kale is being tortured by butterflies and I have to rub off the eggs every morning or the kale will be eaten to a skeleton by caterpillars.  I do plan to plant one for the butterflies next year. I will pop it down into the secret garden and they can nibble it till they are content.  Likewise  nettles. I intend to leave a patch for the wildlife to enjoy as we all share this earth and it isn't fair if we just take and take without considering that other species need them too. My photos make the gravel patio look far smaller than it actually is. There's plenty of space for a socially distanced cuppa.. or glass of wine. 

Plenty of seating space to socially distance if necessary

In the long tub on the right of the picture is the most amazing curly kale. The butterflies have waged war but they won't win.

I love these gorgeous succulents. They amaze me every time I look at the detail in them 

My beautiful Hollyhock is nearly eight feet tall

Peas, coriander, radish, lettuce and rocket salad mix. I want to pick them while they are tiny. Microgreens are filled with wonderful good things.


  1. The size of the hollyhock is huge and indeed beautiful, such a pretty colour. What a stunning place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine with company.

  2. My word, that is indeed a whoppa. Lovely too.

  3. Wow, your garden looks spectacular, Cherie. How nice that your hip has healed enough for you to be able to tend to it again.

    1. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't tend my garden. I count my blessings that I am still able to.