Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Getting fitter and stronger

Can I first of all apologise.  I spent ages trying to leave comments on your blogs last night but they just wouldn't post for some reason. I have no idea what was going wrong but please don't think I haven't popped over to see you all.  I will try again later today.

I've just done one of my twice daily fifteen minute exercise routines ( You Tube Leslie Sansone) and will be heading out for a walk in ten minutes. It means that the fitness part of my day is out of the way and I can come home and make a start on housework.  It's a wardrobe decluttering day today.  I have far too much stuff pushed in the  bottom of the wardrobe and it's in need of a major swap around. I am sure that there are plenty of people that could put it to very good use so the local charity shop will be getting several bin liners full of clothing this weekend. I might even sort some books out as I have so many DIY books that I could let go of.  If I need any DIY hints I can always look on You Tube. What are you all up to today?


  1. Her routines are really good, aren't they? I enjoy them too.
    Good luck with the wardrobe.
    I think I will be doing lots of bits and bobs today but it will involve clearing out too.

  2. My computer is as slow as a snail at the's driving me mad.

    You have done so well getting yourself fitter after your op. I do admire you.

    A lot of my books are slowly being sent to the charity shop as I too use You Tube for much of what I want to know. Mind you....isn't it like dropping down a rabbit hole when you get on

  3. I really enjoy taking a walk to start off my day. It give me time to just walk and let all the cobwebs clear from my mind before beginning my day. Good luck with the wardrobe. I keep meaning to declutter more but time keeps slipping away from me.

  4. That's good news that you are getting fitter and stronger. I like to run up and down the stairs ten times in a row, and to ride my bike. I need to donate some pots and pans to the Salvation Army. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. I used to run up and down the stairs too. I can run up but not down as my knee just collapses when walking downhill. I am starting to wonder if it will ever recover fully.

  5. It seems that blogger has an issue every now and then especially if you use google chrome. It won't let you leave any comments on blogs you read and won't let you leave a reply to those who have commented on your blog. It seems to happen more if I am using my phone or iPad so not sure what the problem is.