Friday, 9 November 2018

Thanks everyone

I thought I would simply thank you all for taking the time to leave a comment on yesterday's post. I was so relieved to find that surgery isn't going to be the first choice for the surgeon.  Hopefully once I have the injection I will be able to draw a line under it for at least a little while.  I do realise it is only a short term solution and have in fact read an article that says they can do more harm than good as they simply mask the underlying issues. I realise that surgery will take place at some point but if this gives me a little longer without that worry then I shall be grateful for every extra day I can manage without the op.

Now let's talk Christmas..... I have been making little Christmassy bits and pieces... mostly cards, small stuff and pretty gift boxes... I think it might be almost time for the big reveal...or I might just make you all wait until the 1st of December when Christmas hits Kemp Castle big style. Last year I bought a little white Christmas tree for the bedroom... it looked beautiful.  Yesterday we called into 'The Range' store and bought a little tiny one (Tony's idea not mine). It is about twelve inches tall and himself has decided that I could make a pretty display in the bedroom with white trees...…. goodness knows where I can fit them but I will have a rehash of things in there and make room... It looked so pretty last year when the bedroom Christmas Tree was lit with lights.  I am starting to feel quite festive and trying to keep a lid on it until December. I won't start playing Christmas music or watching films until then... or maybe I will succumb in the middle of November as now that the nights are dark very early it will feel very festive if I have some gentle Christmas music tinkling away while I cook tea. For whatever reason I am feeling extra specially festive at the moment.  I think 'Mamas Mercantile' blog has set me off. Each time I look I am delighted by the pretty things that are being made. I love looking at festive blogs so if you have one and want to share please leave me a comment with your blog address. I will share it here and have a read when I have a spare five minutes.


  1. Don't you just love the Range, Always something in there to tempt me. lol

  2. Hi Cherie, sorry, I didn't see your yesterday's post until now. I just wanted to say that I had steroid injections last November for lower backache that I'd had for three months and couldn't seem to shift even with three lots of different painkillers (one really strong). It turned out that I had insufficiency fractures in my lower spine in the area where I'd had radiotherapy and the pain was caused by the accompanying inflammation. The steroid injections really did help but they took three or four days. It got about 60% better after I had one lot and the GP suggested a second lot a week later to finally clear it up. I had these and three or four days after the second lot, the pain was completely gone and, touch wood, has not recurred and that was a year ago. I agree with you that, in your case, it is probably not a long term solution and not a solution that you would want to keep repeating but if it will help you over Christmas and maybe way beyond, then it is perhaps the best solution as you can then reconsider when you need to. If it was my choice, I think I would go for it as a temporary measure and see what happens. xx

    1. Hi Hazel. The consultant that I saw yesterday told me that the injections if they work are very effective and if not we will need to consider surgery.. Fingers crossed that they work for me.

  3. If your consultant has said that, then it sounds very promising. He will know what he's talking about and, if it does work, so much better than an op. Constant pain can be so impactful on living your life. I know I was very relieved to be rid of it after three months. Frustrating, because it was difficult for me to clean the house and hubby isn't exactly the most domesticated of people. Crossing everything that it works for you. x

  4. Cherie I am just back from the hospital (shoulder problems) I too am going to have cortisone injections and a referral for physio before surgery. Like you I am hoping that this will get me through Christmas pain free. Thank you for the mention, the preparations for Christmas is the time of year I love most.

  5. Hi Cherie, i can't wait to see the photos of your little Christmas tree. That's sweet that your husband wanted it, and enjoys your decorations. I think men really appreciate the little feminine touches we give our homes. I haven't made my blog too Christmasy yet, but my Etsy shop is. I really hope you get relief from the injections. Keep us posted.