Friday, 10 August 2018

Oh flip and flap

I had gotten on really well with the shawl last night... Then I spread it out and took a good look at it..... I had forgotten to add a stitch on the end of the row... I should have  gotten to the last  five stitches and knit two together yarn fwd knit one yfwd, knit two.. What I did was knit two together yarn fwd knit two... this makes a huge difference and I am really annoyed with myself for not spotting it... Anyway,  I had to pull it all out and start again.  I decided to add extra 'hole' rows as I like the way it looks but it will be a while before it gets finished

With extra hole rows


  1. Oh what a shame, I hate having to pull things back.

  2. It looks great in that yarn. You're an excellent designer.

  3. Oh thats annoying, love the colour combo, will be lovely once finished. Emmax