Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 4 August 2018

It's nearly my birthday

On Monday I will have advanced yet another year... I think we should do with away with birthdays.. I don't need to be reminded that I am getting older. I simply need to look in the mirror.
Anyway, that little snippet aside..  As of this morning I have new varifocals and I am trying to get used to them. Everything is a little bit fuzzy and I am feeling a bit seasick. My engagement ring has been repaired and both the wedding ring and engagement ring have been cleaned and polished... They look like new and I can see that  little chip of diamond sparkling its heart out once again.
I measured Tony's waist yesterday,  our jaws dropped when we saw the measurement... which I wouldn't be so cruel to share.  I do chuckle when he suddenly realises that he isn't quite as sylph like as he pictures himself to be.  Suddenly.  'We need to cut back on' ......pops into conversations... Ahem,  'We need to'???????  I am currently hovering around the 9st 12 mark... Not too chunky at all in the great scheme of things. Annoyingly, I think most of the 9st 12 has spread itself evenly over my stomach and hips. If I could only relocate it around my body I would be fine.

I bought a gorgeous pair of proper, 'girly girl' shoes this morning.. The pretty kind with heels. The kind I can wear with a dress.. Now I just need to find some nice places to go to wear them. Seeing as how everyone wears jeans these days I need to think long and hard where I can wear them without looking like I am out on the pull... tripping through cornfields might look good on tv but you can rest assured it is not 'heel territory'  and seeing as how I tend to do a lot of walking through cornfields I am in a position to know that it is walking boots or trainers all the way.


  1. Good luck with the varifocals; most people get used to them within a couple of weeks, or so my optometrist tells me. I had them for two years and couldn't adapt, so I'm in bifocals now, with only a tiny lower lens for reading price tags and fine print when I'm away from home and don't want to carry my reading glasses.

    Happy Birthday a bit early!

  2. You are not getting old, you are maturing like fine wine. A mention of Tales of the White Hart and the giveaway in your blog will get you a signed copy with wording of your choice, if you leave your address, and with a desperate plea for your husband not to judge my fictional portrayal of the Knights Templar too harshly! Thank you for thinking of me. LM x

    1. Oh bless you pet.. Tony will be thrilled

  3. They say that you are as old as you feel Cherie. Unfortunately today I feel about ninety five which I'm a long way off....lol.
    I drool over pretty girly shoes but due a dodgy back it's flats all the way for me sadly. Enjoy those shoes.