Wednesday, 6 June 2018


I have had a lovely day today. My friend Margaret has her American friend Carolyn staying for a few weeks.  They were great fun as we trawled the little nooks and crannies in Whitby. I won't post the usual Whitby Abbey pics as there are millions on the internet.

 We started off with fish and chips in one of the many pubs before heading out into the drizzle.  Sadly the weather wasn't great.  I had a warm jumper and raincoat on.... I certainly needed the jumper.

Carolyn about to tackle the fish and chips

We did smile at the name of this little cut through and wondered how on earth it got its name

Look at the gorgeous pottery on the wall


  1. That's some plate of fish and chipe, I wonder if she managed to finish it all.

  2. That pottery is wonderful, as is Arguments Yard :)

  3. Super piccies; thanks for sharing :-)

    Did she manage that huge plate of food!?!

  4. OMG, that's not a fish, it's a shark! LOL x

  5. Beautiful photos. I love the wallpaper. I'll have to google Whitby Abbey. It looks very charming. Thanks for sharing.