Friday, 29 June 2018

Another lovely day

Garden watered, washing in the machine, bathroom cleaned...…. and it is only 07.15. Not a bad start to the day. I am heading out for a walk with a friend this morning and then playing whist this afternoon. It is forecast to be a little cooler today but it was also forecast to be cloudy... it is a clear blue sky at the moment so we shall see how the day turns out.
My beautiful 'Mandala Cakes' arrived yesterday so I am browsing knitting and crochet patterns to see what I fancy making with them. The possibilities are endless and I have six to play with. That should keep me quiet for a while  :-)


  1. We have blue skies and hot sun this morning, it was hot at 7 for the first dog walk. The front garden had a soaking and I will be mainly in the sewing room. The coolest part of the house in the morning, the sun does not hit it till mid afternoon.

  2. Have a lovely day Cherie.

  3. Its another scorcher here in the East Midlands today and I'm hoping its going to stay for the weekend and possibly even longer. Its lovely when you get new yarn delivered so you can sit and admire it before deciding what it will eventually turn into.


  4. You sound busy and productive. I am going to clean my bathroom this afternoon, too. Enjoy your new "Mandala Cakes". I am knitting a pair of socks for a friend with tiny feet.