Friday, 4 May 2018

It's looking good.

It is 06:50 and I just popped out to take the plastic bag off the latest cement pot. It looks really good, although it is a long way from being finished.  I am heading out for a walk this morning, and this afternoon I play whist, so won't be able to do anything until early evening. The weather is starting to warm up and this meant that yesterday I was able to give the new lawn a very light trim. It is really starting to look like a proper lawn now. The garden somehow feels so much bigger without the veg plot taking up a large chunk of it. I would like to move some of the plants to different positions in the garden. I will do that on Sunday if we have had a few days of warmth. The photo shows the grass looking a bit parched but that's only because I had allowed it to get a little bit overgrown. I was waiting for the weather to be warm enough to cut it.  A few days of sunshine and some warmth will soon 'green it up'.

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