Thursday, 31 May 2018

Aquaponics.... and a pebble

It looked a bit dismal outside this morning so while the washing machine did its stuff I painted the pebble that Tony and I found next to the Loch in Scotland,,, I have a few more to play with so if it rains I might do that tonight.  I was really surprised when I stepped out into the garden to put the laundry on the line... Although it looks dismal, it is nice and warm. The lines are now full of drying laundry and I hope it dries before the kids come over.  It will be lovely to sit out in the garden and have a good old catch up. 
I've been a bit of a domestic goddess just lately. The craft room has had a bit of a sort. and chuck out. The wardrobe has also had a bit of a sort. I really must steel myself and be ruthless though.  I have a few nice smart jackets that I absolutely love but will never  in a month of Sundays fit into it again. I have got to really bite the bullet and let them go. I might have to give selling in ebay a try.
The floating planters in my pond are doing really well and I hope I can find a big piece of polystyrene in a skip sometime soon. I want to make a few more as the plants are a great way to filter the fish muck out.  Google aquaponics... it is fascinating.

A quick coat of black acrylic to seal the pebble

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