Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Quiet week

My blog has been a little bit quiet this week as I have been really busy beading some bits and pieces.  When the beading bug hits me I can't put it down until it is finished. Actually when any crafting bug hits me I can't put it down until it is finished. The weather has been awful so it was the perfect excuse to curl up in the conservatory and play with some of my bead stash. Even though the weather hasn't been kind to me, the garden is certainly enjoying a good drink. I noticed that my seedlings are really starting to shoot away.  Before I know it I will have a summer garden full of colour. The Spring garden really did me proud this year. It was a real treat to come home and see so many pretty coloured flowers. We have put a few solar powered lights in the front garden and it looks so festive and sparkly. I even wound a string of solar lights through my holly tree that I am training as a lollipop shape.  At £3.99 for the set it hardly broke the bank. It kind of looks like Blackpool Illuminations out there once the sun goes down for the night.

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