Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 18 April 2015

The big garden refurb.

Well during the past few years we have refurbed the bathrooms, the sitting room and the kitchen. Now we are about to begin rehashing the garden.  Initially we were simply planning on moving the pond but in truth it seemed easier to go and buy a new pond. Off we went to a few garden centres and viewed a few ponds with eye watering prices. Then we had a drive over to Sam Turners in Northallerton.  We looked at a few ponds and then viewed the price list.  We didn't believe our eyes so went along and spoke to a member of staff.  THE PRICES ARE AMAZING and we chose a 5ft 5'' by 4ft pond.  The cost including free delivery was £39.   The identical pond online is £68  so if you live in the area it is well worth going along to see if they have one to suit your space. The cheapest pond that looked very similar in two garden centres was £149. 

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