Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sunflower swag

This year is the year of the sunflower for our local gardens in bloom competition. I have just enjoyed a lovely hour in the garden planting my sunflower seeds in the hope that they will be in bloom when the judges are wandering around the neighborhood but look at what I made yesterday with some of my dies and punches.  I wish you could see how pretty the  swag really is as the photo's just do not do it justice. If it is sunny on judging day I hope to attach it to the front of the house but if it is a miserable day I will put it up in the porch.  At the moment is is strung across the wall at ceiling height in my dining room as I don't want to crush it.


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    1. Thanks Alison. I am in the process of making a poppy one from old red envelopes..... as one does of course :-)

  2. This looks wonderful Cherie, you have really made a good job of the swag. Lainie xx