Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 2 February 2015

Busy day today

Blimey, I have had a busy one today. I walked down to the post office and dropped off the angel. Then I came back and spent all morning in Le Crafterie prepping for sessions. Headed back into the house about 12.30 and made some bread dough clay  (I have a project in mind for tomorrow). Then I made a shepherds pie for tomorrow's tea and a fish pie for tonight.  I had deliberately made a huge batch of mashed potato last night when I cooked tea.  It was my intention to use up some smoked salmon and a fillet of fish that has lurked in the freezer for long enough now to make a fish pie for tonight.... Then I discovered that I had made way too much mash so had to cook some minced lamb in order to make the shepherds pie. Oh well, that saves me cooking tomorrow.  I will just throw some frozen peas into a bowl in the oven while the shepherds pie is warming.  We can have the pie with peas and corn. 

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