Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The tree

Last night the gorgeous and much loved hubby rang me from woodcarvers .....I didn't go cos I was curled up on the sofa poorly....  He had spotted the school's Christmas tree next to the bin at the club.... did I want him to cut a piece off for my leaf tree?...... Don't tell me you have forgotten already my lovely silver leaves?....   I am now the proud possessor of a two foot piece of tree.  I only have to wait until all the needles fall off before I can use it.  I have stood it in the conservatory on top of the log basket.  It would drop its needles quicker in front of the fire but then i would be picking pine needles out of the carpet all year.  I can just imagine my friends faces in August if they get spiked by a pine needle when they know that our vast tree collection does not include a real one.

I think today that I may just venture down to the library as it it the monthly meeting and a catchup would be nice...... Only trouble is that also have a committee meeting in town after lunch so it means coming home and pretty much going straight back out again to catch the train..... Not sure if my wheezy chest is up for two walks yet.

On a crafting note though I spent most of yesterday making handmade buttons and they look really nice.  So much so that I am a bit reluctant to sell them..... ho hum I might skip both meetings and stay home where it is warm and I can make yet more buttons.  I hate feeling under the weather and the best thing for me to do is just muddle on until I get over the bug. Roll on Spring.  Actually noticed how much lighter it is on an afternoon for an extra half hour now.  Once the sun gets just a little higher in the sky I will be able to get my laundry dried outdoors and we won't be awash with damp stuff hanging on the airer. I am reluctant to use the drier as firstly it shrinks everything and secondly it is just so blimmin expensive.  Cutbacks are being made here in Kemp Castle. Tony and I are eating smaller portions (cos we are getting porky) but in truth we can't cut back on the fuel we use as we are already as frugal as we can be. As we get the wood for free we can indulge in a lovely warm house without worrying about an expensive winter bill. I turned into a lumberjack immediately on having the log burner installed and I love going out and harvesting a fallen tree. Don't muck with me cos I wield a mean chainsaw.......... :-) 

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  1. Can't wait to see you silver leaved tree :-)