Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 23 January 2015


When I was at the WI meeting last week our local councillor asked if anyone had any 'sunflower patterns'. It seems that the theme for the gardens this year is to be sunflowers.  The local schools are all making posters and model sunflowers so that the shops can all display them.  Well to cut a long story short, I started making a shawl pin last night to fit in around the theme.  The shawl pin looked great so I made some earrings and a brooch to match.  Sadly, when I baked them the petal fell off one of the sunflowers.  Sticking it back on isn't really an option with polymer clay as it would always have a weak spot at the break soooooooooooo.  This morning I made some tiny ladybirds to stick on the flowers to hide the missing petal.  I had originally only planned to make one but it looked so cute that I decided to add one to each of the pieces.   I used a sugar paste cutter to cut the flowers this time as I didn't really have time to cut each petal separately. Then seeing as how I had the clay out I thought I would make a set of ivy leaves.  I made a set years ago but over time they broke and i never got around to making another set.... until today.....

Sanded and ready to wear


  1. Do your talents have no end Cherie! Even your mistakes turn out brilliantly :-)

    1. Thank you oh sweet talking smoothie you :-)