Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 4 December 2014

We love Christmas

Tony and I are almost fnished with decorating the house for Christmas so I thought I would share some pictures with you. I plan to make some Santa Hat chair backs for the conservatory furniture this afternoon and then we will be pretty much finished.  Then I can start on present wrapping... I love this part as I forget what I have bought until I pull all my secret stash out from the cupboards.  Oh and yes,  we have Christmas hand towels and toilet roll in both bathrooms. I don't have any trees in there though,,,,,,,, hmmmmm  I think I need a trip into town.

The sitting room tree.  We also have one in the hall and the conservatory

One of my book cases.

The dining table is smaller this year so I only have four place settings displayed instead of the usual six.  The conservatory table has more of the same  :-) We eat all our meals off the christmas crockery

The cookie jars on the windowsill are full of chocolate goodies.   Yummy. You can just see a Christmas teatowel on the front of the oven. yes, 'fraid so, we swap all the tea towels for Christmas ones

We swap all our cups and the tea cosy for Christmas cups. the teapot is of course a Christmas one and Tony has taken a small teapot and Christmas cosy to use at work  :-)

This is the view through the window (complete with window stickers) from the sitting room into the conservatory.


  1. Fun stuff and I love all the Christmas decor!

  2. merry christmas cherie! you have some really lovely projects here! xx

  3. and you didn't even mention that you found time to make and send me a beautiful blingy birthday card.It is gorgeous. Ta everso dear talented crafty one.x

  4. I love your fun Christmas home. I have to show it to my son -he loves Christmas. I love Christmas music too, because it is so fun and cheerful, now whiny or sad ike most.
    And you are still missing something. No Christmas room sized rugs, that i can see. I knew a family, who had them.:)

    1. Hmmmmmm,,,,,,, rugs........... :-) we are currently looking for some 'tea, coffee and sugar' Christmas jars. This afternoon I am planning to make Santa hats for the car headrests. This morning we bought small trees for both bathroom windowsills.

  5. Wow a real Christmas house :-)