Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Blog hopping project for this week

NOW THIS IS CLEVER.... in fact it is soooooo flipppin clever that I shall try my hand at it tomorrow and show you how it turns out... don't forget to go and leave them a comment and tell them just how good it is.......  provided that it works, I will let you know how I get on.  In fact I may just go and do it now... Back in a while  :-)


'You really do  HAVE to try this.... I discovered that I only had greaseproof paper...... that didnt  work but I had a Eureka moment.  Surely any slick surface would work.  There on the counter was the packet of serviettes  (I was decoupaging last night)   The cellophane packet looked as though it might work  sooooooooo........ I taped it to a piece of copy paper and ran it through my printer........ I am not being responsible for your printer though so be it on your own head if you try it....

I only wish that I had checked my printer settings though cos it was left at Grayscale from my last printing session.  I will try it again but take a look at how it turned out.  This is the back of my ancient knitting needle box.

The second picture is my second attempt.  I simply wiped the bag over with some kitchen roll and tried again. Please learn from my mistakes and make sure that you know where the potential print is on your page as mine overshot the cellophane bag .  This has huge potential though and is well worth a little practice. 

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