Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Blog hopping project

I said that I would feature a post from a blog every week and link back to the blog when I do.  I have just found this lovely little project and thought it would be a wonderful project to try.  I have printed the template and shall be making one in the next day or two. I have stopped for a little break in the middle of getting the house ready for Christmas.  The ornaments from the sitting room are neatly stashed in the spare bedroom and I have dusted and polished all the tops of the cupbaords.  The cloud of dust over Nunthorpe was probably created by me... I hang my head in shame..

Anyway,  take a look at the blog and let me know if you make one.  I am always happy to feature other peoples makes on my page if you would like to share.

http://www.designsponge.com/2009/05/diy-project-cardboard-stampede-w-ann-wood.html   Please do leave them a comment so they know that you are as impressed as I was when I saw it. x

edit to show my horse.... I had to make one, the housework can wait.  I cut mine from a cardboard box that arrived this morning from Amazon.  I initially cut a piece of eyelash yarn to make the mane but it just looked flimsy and weak.  I used it as a base to add some knitting yarn and the mane looks so much better.  I have several pieces of a kind of flocked paper in my stash so I cut out the  body parts from the paper and glued it onto the cardboard shapes.  It has made it a lot 'cuddlier' to look at

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