Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Plarn buttons and a jute bag

Last night all the members of the 'Crafty Crew' were given a bag to decorate however they chose.  I used up my plarn button flowers and a gorgeous crocheted cotton doily that one of the club members had brought along.  Our club is great fun and it is hosted at the beautiful home of Carolyn.  We all pay £1 each week and this goes towards buying equipment for the group to share.  We meet up once a month and club members suggest what we will make at the next meeting. It is a great way to try different crafts with like minded people.   I plan to add a few beads to my bag and maybe a bit of embroidery.


  1. love it, would make a great mandala. Have been given 15 one yard lengths of lipstick pink fabric. Don't see myself in 15pairs of lipstick pink jeans!

    1. oooh, add some silver and make a girly quilt for you boudoir :-)